“Create Universe” is specialist in IT and RFID systems. We can help you Evaluate, Design, Develop and Implement highly efficient, cost-effective and performance-driven solutions. Small, medium and large businesses and organisations can all benefit from RFID, NFC & Auto-ID technology. ​All major RFID technologies are covered. This includes Low Frequency (LF), High Frequency (HF), Ultra-High RFID (UHF); in Passive, Semi-Active and Active.

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Who we are ?

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Sustainable, white hat SEO is the most important part of any website’s marketing strategy. It’s the platform on which any long term, successful internet business can work and is at the core of all our product innovation.

So, what is SEO ? Put simply, SEO is a process where using certain techniques we are able to move your site above other sites on the natural, non-paid for listings across the major Search Engines. Lots of people make SEO more complicated than it actually is. We simplify it with a 3 step strategy that’s easy to understand and has been proven to get good results.

We offer total transparency via your control panel, a full white hat policy, plus our unique negative SEO alert system. There’s no contract so you can cancel at anytime. We now have a lot of active clients who are only with us because they’re happy.

Also, if you have time, why not check out our unique social and reputation products. They’re all SEO focused and are included as part of our quarterly service. Plus, why not take a look at our optional products as well. Some carry a small additional cost and some are free.